Why play Color Me Tickles™?

Because it is fun, safe and ideal for playing within the family. Color Me Tickles™ has been designed so parents can accompany their children in their first interactions with digital technologies.

How to play Color Me Tickles™?

It is very easy to play! The challenge is to return the color to the "trucos" our lovable characters using your fingertips. Randomly you’ll have power-ups will increasing the size of the brushes and power-downs diminishing them for a limited time.
Players must select a scenario and a character for each round. You will always have the option to pause the game, restart it, return to the menu or change the sound, music and languages settings. The one who first finish painting his character wins.

How to improve the gaming experience?

Our recommendation is that you, as an adult, establish some rules before starting the game: How long are you going to play, how the players will be distributed (if there is a group), what is the right volume, or others that you’ll consider important.
We also recommend to agree on a reward for the winner so at the end you can have a fun activity together: Making a funny gesture, dancing, singing, painting, tickling or other activities what you consider appropriate.

Who can play Color Me Tickles™?

Anyone can play tickles of colors! Regardless the age.
It has been designed for early childhood so it doesn’t contain sex, violence, or any material that parents may find inappropriate.
It’s ideal for playing within the families: between adults and children, or even between kids regardless age differences.

What kind of information does the game collect?

Your information is safe, you can find the details in our privacy policy section and terms of use.

In what languages is the game available?

It is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Where can I download Color Me Tickles®?

In the App Store and Google Play. Just select the one that is appropriate for your device.

What kind of advertising is shown in the game?

Our game does not show any publicity, if at any time we decide to do so we will explicitly indicate it to you.

Can you make in-app purchases?

No, the game does not allow purchases. Our commitment is to the safety of our children so the answer is a resounding no. Our games do not promote the idea of turning children into consumers.

How can I help making more games like these?

If you like Color Me Tickles® you can rate us and leave your comment in Google Play and App Store. You can also follow us on our social networks and actively participate by sharing your ideas to encourage other parents to commit to the early support of our children in digital technologies. Thank you!